OP-Z & QuNexus question

Few days ago I’ve got QuNexus mainly to pair with OP-Z. Got a lot of fun of it. It’s a great way to extend the bounds of OP-Z (velocity, pitch, aftertouch).

Currently I’ve stuck with problem: QuNexus is sending aftertouch as CC#1. If I understand it correctly, CC#1 is connected to OP-Z’s parameter 1. Is there any way to change mapping on the go? I’d like to switch QuNexus mapping from parameter 1 to filter cutoff without need of doing any changes in QuNexus Editor.


Check COMA mode on the Qunexus or create a preset with the editor or both.

COMA is your friend :new_moon_with_face:

Thanks @JohnnyEgo for quick response. I’d like to be able to avoid tweaking preset in QuNexus Editor (if its possible, of course) from PC.

I’ve seen CoMA, and find it really cool way to setup instrument “on fly”. But can’t find this particular setting (e.g. change CC# of aftertouch). Can you shed a light?

Qunexus is hugely flexible but yes, the editor is needed to create presets. Fyi, setting sensitivities is key.

Manual has what you need.

Thanks, @Plague I’ve got all that materials. No problems with setting the CC# from Editor. I was searching for a way to set it in a middle of a session, without need of connecting it to PC.

Somehow I thought that there is a way in OP-Z to map income CC# to some trigger (e.g. filter cutoff), but seems like it is not possible.