OP-Z receiving clock but it won't stop!

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I’ve got my OP-Z receiving clock from the LFO out of my Koma Field Kit. It’s working ok, but I can’t make the OP-Z stop when it’s receiving clock. Is there a way to make it stop? It seems that as long as it’s receiving clock, it runs. The PLAY and STOP buttons on the OP-Z do nothing.
Thank you in advance for your wisdom.

Pass it through a vca, mixer or attenuator.

can’t stop won’t stop
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I gotta say, so far oplab trig in has been rubbish. It’s the only thing about the OP-Z (well, the triplets oversight is also a bit of a downer) that seems to have frustrated me so far.
I’m sending clock and it is staying in time, but it has no STOP button, so you can’t get it to start with other machines. Plus, it seems impossible to write into it while it’s playing. So I have to stop the sync to input notes, and when I sync again to trig in, it quantises everything to the steps. Arg… awful.
Please, someone tell me I’m getting this wrong. I’d be delighted to admit ignorance and move on.

i mean to be fair, trig in is just a simple pulse mechanism.
there is no start and stop messages
it receives a pulse it advances the sequencer a step
another pulse, another step.
no pulse, no step.
and so on.

if u want start and stop u prob want to use MIDI
or find a way to start and stop the pulses from sending from your KOMA
or whatever your source is.
or like was suggested, using an intermediate device of some kind where u can control if the pulses are getting through or not

It’s ok, I do understand it’s just a clock, and contains no actual ‘information’. My beef isn’t really with the clock, more with the OP-Z loosing so much autonomy when it’s receiving the clock. I mean, I guess my basic question is answered - there is no way to make it stop as long as it’s receiving the clock.
It does act really badly when it’s in this mode though. All my intuitive control of the unit (I’ve learnt the functions so I don’t need to use the app much) goes out the window. Can’t write or control length of sequence etc. I was hoping someone could tell me something i was missing that might get that back for me.
Thanks for replying though. I don’t want to seem ungrateful.

That’s odd, I’d have expected the OP-Z to work like Pocket Operators. When those receive clock, they still have full autonomy, it’s just that the internal tempo control is replaced with the external clock. They can start / stop, have all modes and full editability available, etc.

Sorry for the necro, I just noticed…

Yeah, I now. I use the POs a lot, and that’s why I was so surprised when the OP-Z behaved so strangely.