Op-z + reslice app

Hello op-z owners!
I met here several posts about the Reslice app, a cool app with interesting features. but I do not understand how to use it with op-z? Please describe your workflow.

What are you trying to do with it? Have you used your OP-Z to control any other apps? The process is the same. Once connected you can send keyboard notes to the app. The keyboard notes correspond to the slices in reslice and what you have them configured to do.

Cuckoo has a good video on how to connect and control apps with your op-z

For more info on the reslice workflow check out some links, read some stuff, and watch a handful of videos
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Thank you!
I was fixated on the fact that the application has a recorder somewhere that I don’t see. but I forgot that I am in ios and can sample anything, even aum and just transfer everything to the slicer and manage it with any channel.