OP-Z ripping 80s lead settings?


I’m trying to recreate a ripping and squealing 80s lead on the OP-Z. Used in a lot of funky tracks, high pitched and often on a solo with a run of notes and the last held with some rapid vibrato/pitch modulation.

I guess I’m thinking of something like the lead on Les Rythmes Digitales (hey you) what’s that sound? (ironically well named reference track) but it’s on other tracks on that album:

Also on Girls by Prodigy at about 50secs, I’m sure Daft Punk have some similar sounds.

And I heard it a gear4music video on the SH-01a with it too.

What synth would have originally made this sound? I see on equipboard that LRD used an SH-101 plus some DX and TX synths, Liam Howlett has every synth under the sun so tough to tell.

Anyways… any advice on settings to get that on the OP-Z?

Here is the settings I’ve tried so far, but thinking someone has already nailed that sound…

Would be nice if the pitch bend on the OP-Z could be mapped to alter vibrato. (can it?)


No but the gyroscope can…which is very similar.

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Interesting, I’ve never tried the gyroscope. Thanks.

Short Circuit by Daft Punk is definitely that sound I’m after and I just found an article recreating it which might help: