Op Z rumble pack - new vs. old version design differences?

Hello all, I have recently bought a (slighty bent) OP Z. It is nice and other then the small visual distraction due to the bent works very well. Now I am considering to get the rumble pack for it. As far as I read, there are (at least) two versions of the rumble pack. The original version has some connection problems, the revised version does not. How do I know the difference? I want to make sure I get the revised version - can you please tell me / show me what the differences are? Thank you!

I believe it’s only the oplab that has two versions, the second one using the same lock as the Rumble. My op-z came warped, got (much) worse but the Rumble has always worked well in it. Don’t buy it from TE as its usually about £45 on amazon.

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