OP-Z Sample Play Modes not working? (Gate only)

Sup people!?

 I’m able to change between the 3 sample play modes while I’m in sample mode (stop + rec).  

Green - trig
Purple - gate
Yellow - Loop (default)

 I want gate.  I set 2/3 samples while in sample mode and it works perfectly.  I know my samples and can tell one is cutting another off and it’s working great.   

 I then return to play mode or whatever the normal, play the OP-Z mode is and boom, no gate.  Samples do not cut each other off or act the same way in sample mode :thinking:  they actually act is if loop (yellow) is set. 

 I tried setting samples to trig (green) and leaving sample mode.  Boom, works as intended.  Sample only sounds as long as you push a key.  

 Set to loop (yellow/default) and sample plays w/ 1 push of a button or loops of held.  

 Set back to gate (purple) & basically acts the same as loop/yellow.  

 Can anyone confirm if this is happening on your unit or if I’m a dingbat lol!?   My thought process is that gate is essentially like a choke, this creating a choke group like older samplers.  I’m understanding gate to work the same as loop rn and it can’t be right...  right???  

Ty in advance :laughing:

sorry for the way the post reads. I posted from an iPhone and it posted in this ridiculous manner…