OP-Z sampling live hands free, possible?

Hello again OP-Z peeps!

Is there a way to sample a live instrument? For example, what if I play the guitar real time and want to sample a bit. Is that even doable directly? I know how to do it if I keep pressed the record button, but is there a true live play mode like we have on the sequencer, so you press it and record when you want hands-free. Or we always have to keep that record button-down?

Something indirectly related to the topic. See what this guy is doing? Not exactly what I asked, but a cool feature, right?

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I am super new to the OP-Z, but one of the gripes I’ve seen in nearly every video and podcast discussing the OP-Z sampling, it’s always brought up that it is NOT hands free.

That video you posted is super cool, i have not messed with the tape too much yet but I love that!