OP-Z sending Program Change?


I want to use OP-Z as a main sequencer and brain of the setup, but have a bit of trouble understanding how the Program Change works on OP-Z. Hope someone can help with advice.

I would like to have the patterns on Digitakt change when I change patterns on OP-Z, but nothing happens. It might be a very stupid detail I have overlooked.

I have it connected to Digitakt trough a Kenton USB host, with every track on OP-Z sending midi. Yes, I have made sure Program Change is enabled :slight_smile: Midi and clock sends just fine, but there is no reaction to program change in Digitakt. Digitakt is set to receive program change, and receives it perfectly from Analog Four. So I can only conclude that there is something wrong with the setting on OP-Z? Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?