OP-Z sequencing fx track


So I’m seeing what can be done with sequencing the two fx tracks. I thought I saw a previous post on this but couldn’t find it.

It seems to work ok in that I can assign steps and then record input changes (for example alter the filter). My idea was to use the mute of the fx track like two different versions or states of the effect (for example muted: minimal distortion, unmuted: heavy distortion and filter modulation). But it is not so useful as punching between two fx states:

If I start playback with the fx track muted it sounds as it should and then if I unmute the fx track it kicks in fine, but once you mute the fx track again it doesn’t return to initial state but is left in the state of whatever the last step was while unmuted. To return it, I need to jog a parameter dial.

Is there a way to alter this behaviour? I didn’t see anything in the setting text file. Has anyone else worked with sequencing fx tracks?

Plus I did start to get some weird digital noises creeping in at some points changing parameters. Is that the op-z straining?

I have discovered by pressing shift and adjusting a parameter it will return to initial state, which isn’t ideal but maybe useful, but also shows it is possible to snap back to the previous state.


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