OP-z snapshots?

In the op-z manual it says that you can make snapshots by pressing project + and recall it with project -.

All good, but I don’t get it. What does it actually do? In OP-1 it did save the synth preset. But with op-z I did not understand this feature at all. I tried to use it but without any results (obviously because I just did not know what to look for).

Anyone could help me with this?


I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like it could be useful for live performances:

You make a snapshot, then start to mangle and go crazy … and finally load the snapshot to get back to the sane version where you started?


Think of it as a Manuel backup save. As you know the OP-Z save is persistent. The snapshot allows you to manually create a second save that you can recall. This can be helpful for live paying like @bolandross said, or it can be useful when you are trying to edit and work on different ideas.

Say you like the way your project sounds, but you want to try something different, but not lose what you have, you can save a snapshot, do your thing, and if you don’t like it, recall the old one. I use this function a lot when finalizing details of a track before I record it.

Snapshots work on a project level.


Thank you so much both.
Now I got it!

Great feature must say now after understanding it.

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You can also disable the auto save function, which is also useful in live performance or simply if you want to lend it to a friend.

So this means that similarly like using the snapshot (project and -) you can recall the saved version?
And project and + would mean save.

Yes. That’s how you save. Besides it already saving… so its really how you go back… if that makes sense.

@Davnak and @bolandross thank you so much.
Indeed it makes sense now when you explained it.

Really great for ideas and love :grinning: