Op/z song limits. possible to chain 'songs' or make a pattern repeat so not to lose a 'slot'?


I have a 120BMP ‘track’ made up of a few 16 step / 1 step length patterns (the defaults)
chaining them together I feel I can only get 15 patterns to about 2 minutes in a song.

is it possible to then chain ‘songs’ ?
or if some of my patterns are reused in the sequence is there a way to ‘loop’ a pattern a set number of times to give me more song ‘slots’?

any pointers to chaining/songs as the stuff i see it documented is rather low in detail.

You can have 32 patterns chained in a song and they can repeat sequences. I’ve found that if I wanted to stretch a single pattern 4 times, I’ll just make one sequence like the kick drum run 4 times longer. This helps save 4 steps on the pattern chain. It also means you can have some really long effects to spice it up a little.

I will try a simple pattern like kick to repeat. I see how that might work.

I don’t quite get what you mean by ‘a song and they can repeat sequences’. ?

chaining songs seems like an obvious feature that requires no additional significant overhead. TE new feature!

Yeah you can’t chain songs but with the 32 steps you could repeat a single sequence 32 times which is more than your example.

A song is a project and within a project you’re limited to those 32 steps but in my suggestion you could have a step that’s much longer on one track/instrument which would also extend all other tracks/instruments in that project. So if your kick drum was running at 4, any other track that was running at 1 (default) would loop 4 times before moving to the next step in the chain. Make sense? The only issue with this is you might have to pick a track that met the same beat but that’s why the kick drum might work well to experiment with.

I haven’t tried switching between projects on the fly but I guess that’s one possibility. Maybe you could add a loop pedal to it as the transition :slight_smile:

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Check out this video. He shows the button combination to do pattern chaining.

Another option is to set up mute groups so that you can have variations within a single pattern. Starts around 5:00:

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Other people have given the technical answers for chain limitations, but I am wondering why you feel like you are at a two-minute song length from a musical perspective (ignoring BPM and adjusting available steps)?

If you take one track, set the step count to 16, set the step length to 9 (I think this is x16 multiplier?), then you are able to have 256 notes (triggers, noises, whatever) per pattern. Someone correct me if I am wrong about this.

That is for one pattern, and you can record 16 different patterns, and then you can make up to 32 chains of them. So if I had patterns A, B, C I could chain…
AAAA BBBB AAAA BBBB ABAB CCCC CCCC ABCA before it would have to loop back. I usually only use 4-10 chains (AA BB ABC) while using the tape and performance effects and that will create several minutes of non-repetitive music.

So to get 15 patterns to only last two minutes, are you chaining them like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO and having the music change every three seconds? Are you using step components or performance effects?