OP-Z Sound Recording via Usb on iPhone

Hi there! I’m new OP-Z user and wanted to share an information with you about the possibility to record the main output to the iPhone via standard usb cable and camera connection kit. All you need is the AUM - app (about 20€). You can set the input in the app - usb OP-Z. And that’s it!!! The voice memo App in iOs get the audio in real time and you can record it :grinning:

Hi!..you don’t really need the AUM while you can still record it in the Notes app or even the camera app.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:


I love using the app Audioshare. Sometimes I’ll just have Audioshare record and then jam on a pattern.


Hi @alvaro.aprr - How can you record audio only in the notes app?

I use GarageBand. It is free and works fine to record the OP-Z.

On the iPad the voice memo app works as well, you will need the camera connection kit to recognise the op-z sound input however.

Well I mean in the “voice notes” app…not the notes one.