OP-Z + SP-404 MK2 live set n' chill

I had put together some sequences a few months back on the OP-Z and figured that it would be the perfect time to try them out with the SP-404 MK2 :heart:


Hi! how do you connect cn to op-z? for some reason I don’t have sound, I connect using type-c, press ext in pad, and I don’t hear op-z…

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Make sure that the “EXT IN” button is activated :slight_smile:

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That SP404 mk2 is clearly one of a kind. I oscillate between « want it asap » and « don’t really need it » at least 3 times a week.
And even tho the OP-Z is not on my wishlist, that SP404 mk2 is most def on my Xmas list.
The kind of beast that ties together other gears.