OP-Z Spotify Playlist


I started a playlist consisting of nothing but tracks made using solely the OP-Z. Check it out in the link below, and if anyone would like to be featured on it, drop a comment with a link to your music on Spotify and I’ll make sure to add it.



nice, thank you for sharing

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Thank you for this! Its a great source for inspiration…:slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! Here is a link to my OP-Z album A after Z

Hello! I have two tracks:

Love the playlist :partying_face:

I finally uploaded my 2nd EP to Spotify today. I’d be happy to join the team :wink:

Just released a new OP-Z EP. All the songs (except the first one) were made within the OP-Z. I then ended up re-creating the first song in my OP-Z so that I could still perform it live.

This is cool. I have an op-z on the way. Have had the op-1 for a while. I’m wondering if there is a playlist similar to this but with the op-1 instead. Just curious.