OP-Z stability on a table

My op-z shows instability when used leaning on a table, so when pressing some keys in the op-z corners, op-z rises in that corner where it does not rest at the same height. Has anyone had this problem? Is it normal for this to happen?

Yes. The OP-Z body can get deforming slightly, maybe when you carry it a lot. The new official plastic case doesn’t seem to be safe from this perspective.

The funny thing is that my OP-Z have this problem since the first day, like doubletrigs on some keys… more reasons to apply my warranty.

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Fiberglass resin like they used does not warp or bend, is basically as strong as metal. If it is bent is from the manufacturing and quenching process. Maybe you can adjust the feet height with the screws? If not you may need spacers behind the screws… most things are not perfectly flat though, most of my stuff has a slight rock to it… is not a big deal to me…

Maybe by adjusting these screws make the OP-Z more stable, I’ll try. Thank you.

There is no difference adjusting the screws, it’s time to visit my local store and ask some questions about this issue, and doubletrigs…

indeed you can bend and twist the op-z.

I can’t bend mine… that’s disturbing.

I have the same issue, and I’m sending it back because of it. The top-right corner of my OP-Z doesn’t sit flush on the table, so whenever I use the rotary encoders, it rocks to that side and is pretty loud.

If I look down the length of the unit, it’s clear that the housing is bent. I can also bend or twist it without much effort; the outer material is not very rigid.

I’m fine with the size, and I like the utilitarian / brutalist style, but honestly for the price I’m disappointed in the build quality. It doesn’t feel like a well made product, or something that will hold up well over time.

Isn’t the warranty only 14 days tho?

14 days? In Spain the warranty is two years for new products by law.

I have noticed that my OP-Z case is deformed, I have removed the backplate and when used leaning on a table, it have the same stability problems.

That’s awesome! Yeah I was just quoting their 14 day money back guarantee thing.

The return policy is not the same that warranty, you can’t return a product and get your money back applying the warranty, it is only for defective products, and they must repair them. I have my OP-Z for more than 14 days, so the only solution for me is the warranty.

Gotcha. Yeah I didn’t know if nametag was trying to return for his money or not.

I hate wobbly synths, I’m OCD about that. Sold my Monomachine because of it. :joy: Fingers crossed you get it sorted, I can feel your pain.

Yeah, I’m going to return it for money from the MoMA store where I bought it. I received it within the last week, so the return would be fine if I had bought it directly through TE. I believe MoMA has a 90 day money back return policy though.

One month with my OP-Z, and after visiting my local store, my OP-Z will be sent to TE, I hope they solve all my problems with stability on flat surfaces and doubletrigs keys… I really like OP-Z, the concept and the workflow is really good, but with this price, I want a machine that works, not a faulty one. I hope to see my OP-Z soon…


I guess this “not-flat” issue is very common. I had it on two out of three OP-Z.
Now the third one i have is perfectly flat.

Must be the grey number two button :slight_smile:

Nope, that was #2. Both wrong key and unstable:grinning:

#3 is fine so far. That’s the one i use and love:heart_eyes: