OP-Z Swing Behavior - Similar to MPC %?

One thing I work with a lot in DAWs is non-triplet swing (quintuplet, septuplet, etc.) I know that on MPC devices there’s some magic numbers on the swing percentage that can align with these swing schemes - see the following chart for a clear illustration of what I mean:

Does every % of additional swing impact the ratio like MPC does, or something else? Does anyone know if there’s an easily reproducible method for using the global swing + track quantization to accomplish non-triplet swing?

One of the biggest frustrations I have with the OP-Z app UI is that it doesn’t show the global swing %, it’s merely represented in LED brightness. This seems like it makes it prohibitively difficult to test this kind of thing.

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This drives me nuts, too. I’d like to always see a number with the parameter.

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