OP-Z Tape - track send amount or dry/wet level?

Hi there, I love playing with the tape track on the op-z, but I was thinking it would be cool if you could still have some of the unaffected dry signal from the tracks it’s processing. Unless I’m missing something there’s no way to do this, right?

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I am hoping for that too…

Track selection! Like with the Master track’s transposing, and how you can choose which tracks the Master track actually effects. So if you only wanted the Tape to effect the synths and not the drums, for example.

Kind of surprised it’s not already like this.

EDIT: Never mind, this is already in!

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Yeah, this is already a thing. I think you hold the track button while in tape mode and use the red dial to bring in the dry signal.


Amazing! I’m going to try this out later. Thanks.