OP-Z Tape Track Tutorial

In this tutorial I go in depth on the OP-Z tape track and give some ideas on how to use it. This is sort of a longer video so I put timestamps in the description on YouTube. Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:


Tape track is a big mystery to me… Definitely going to watch this. Thanks for making this!

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Thumbs up on this tutorial! :+1:

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Thanks for the tips. For me, one of the most confusing parts of the tape track was the wet/dry defaulting to fully wet, making the tape prevent any of the original track from coming through. I can’t believe that control isn’t documented anywhere! Thank you for illuminating me on that!

One thing I still find really difficult is that there is no way to reset the speed controls and at least with the coarse one, no visual indication in the app or LED of where the center point is. Frustrating!


Thank you so much Freqout! For the speed controls, all the way counter clockwise is normal speed on the course knob and for the fine knob, the LED blinks green in the middle when it gets to normal speed. That being said, it’s frustrating there’s no numbers or something on the app to find how far you turned the knobs. The only visual feedback are the dimness of the lights.

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Super dope. Can’t wait to watch this later. I want to master the use of the tape track for some love performance stuff!

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Just to complete your thread: How to process microphone input through the Tape track


Nice! Thanks man!