OP-Z tempo - under 40bpm

Hi folks,

I would like to know is there a way, or if someone else need/want to play sequences under 40bpm, I would love to play music at 20bpm or less, do you have any suggestions on how to implement this or where to start?


i would set the Z BPM the lowest it would go
or the lowest multiple of the BPM u are trying to achieve
and hten use the step resolution or whatever they call it
to set hte steps to like 1/8th or 1/4 or whatever to get your slower speeds

so like for example
if u set hte BPM to 40
then set your step resolution to 1/8th from 1/16th
you now have a pattern that is 20 BPM

now set it to 1/4 and u have 10 BPM


thanks @docshermsticks,
I already changed the step resolution,

but I would love being able to change the tempo to 20bpm,
I guess some sort of hack is required probably?


i think changing the step resolution is the “hack”…

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Do you have an external device that can send clock to the OP-Z? You might be able to do it via a computer with MIDI, or if you have an oplab module, send slow clock pulses via CV.

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