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hiiii, long time lurker, first time poster.

i’m an elated owner of the op-1, and getting real Z’curious and starting the hunt to find one now. i’ve read about the manufacturing issues (bending, double trigger etc) so i guess my question is if it’s safe to purchase used? were they just early copies that had these issues and then they were fixed, or was it more like their production is generally iffy, and you’re just as likely to get a bad one now as in then? i’d prefer not to spend $700 w/ taxes to purchase a new one, trying to gauge if saving that $300 is foolish, i suppose.

also, double OP owners out there, do you find they compliment each other?

side note: what a great community. thank you to all for these amazing stuff i’ve learned here over the years w/ the OP-1.

I believe the problems occur right through the production run. The cause of the encoder issue is known and is easily solved. Not the case for double trigs issue however.

Personally I don’t find the devices complimentary, but that may just because I haven’t tried. I have left my OP1 in the drawer and take the OPZ everywhere due to size.


The OP-1 and OP-Z are great together. You can use the OP-Z to sequence the OP-1, or just sync them, or record the OP-Z to the tape, or use the OP-1 keyboard to play the OP-Z.

For me, sync is rock solid, too. The only thing you need is a noise suppressor for the 3.5mm audio connection, otherwise you get terrible noise

Don’t buy them both at once though. Pick one, and use it for a year or two first.

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it makes a lot of sense to connect them especially when you want to get the most out of the midi LFO on OP1 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I find they work well together. Also, maybe I’ve been lucky but the OP-Z I’ve got which was one of the early ones is all ok except for the encoders popping out. I managed to fix that with the plumbers tape DIY fix though.

I have both and they are great in different ways - personally I prefer the OP-1 though I was super stoked with the OP-Z for the first 6 months… it just seemed out of this world and refreshing not to have a screen so I need to get back to it and spend time with the new updates and sample more because this makes a considerable difference.

They work very well together. In some ways the sound overlapped quite a lot until the latest update on the OP-Z which has a much nicer reverb and chorus FX. The sequencer on the OP-Z is truly innovative and the possibilities are so vast your head will explode. Atleast mine did.

I barely use the ‘media’ side of the OP-Z but it can also be a lot of fun - sequencing photos of my cat doing crazy shit around the house for example.

So far so good in terms of build quality too. Having read quite a lot of bad things I do worry about it lasting but it feels quite solid to me.

The OP-1 IS rock solid after 6 years of regular use and the battery life is still very good.
I take them both pretty much everywhere I travel and there’s always a point when I start laughing while using them… they’re so quirky it’s hard not to be amused one way or another.

I don’t think it matters which you get - there’s a lot to enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to get both then you’re in for a ride.


^ Totally agree with this.

thank you for the generous responses. i’d absolutely never part with my OP-1 — real story, music was my life when i was younger and i play a ton of instruments, but i let is slip as i got older. i rolled the dice on an OP-1 out of curiosity a few years ago and i’m just finishing up my first album now, such an inspiring instrument and feel so indebted to TE and their sensibilities.

so definitely going to grab a Z. is there an argument to be made that a used one is actually safer, as it’s been tested and the problems haven’t emerged? or is it more likely they’ll develop in time, and i’ll be stuck without a warranty?


If you can, I’d get a new one. If there are going to such things as double triggering etc they’re more likely to develop over time. Also, I’m sure TE do improve production as they go along.

As long as you ask the seller about all the issues and make sure it works perfectly I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying used. If you buy new, get it from a place that has a return policy that is very good.

The thing is that TE will only honor the warranty for first time buyers, I.e., it can’t be transferred to another person, so you will need to pay for any repairs.

When I got my OP-Z I just couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with the form factor, the powerful sequencer, the ever growing features, the led interface, it was a refreshing and stimulating addition to my gear list. Unfortunately, as time passed, it began to fall apart. Popping encoders, double triggs and even a slight bend.
I would have paid OP-1 money for a premium built OP-Z because, in the end, you can always update the software but you can’t trust bad engineered hardware.
Save your money until they figure the manufacturing aspect out.

I don’t recommend buying the OP-Z secondhand, especially as TE won’t honour the warranty.
Here’s my story:

Just spotted that you can get them for £393 new from Kytary.

Watching my buddy play on my OP-Z the other day I took note of how hard he was pressing the buttons towards the middle, while holding like a game boy, this looks as though it may be the culprit to warped devices. I mean, if you were to really be jamming and forgot how hard you were pressing on the middle of a long device structurally it’s gonna obey physics. If you play it respectfully and don’t jam it in a bag I don’t see any reason it would ever bend. Also, my OP-Z came with the knob issue that I fixed right away and has been a perfect fix ever since. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra for peace of mind and the full warranty. Love the OP-Z and connecting it to OP-1 is great for jamming on both devices in sync. The workflow between the two devices can be very personal and custom, only way is to follow your own flow!


That’s why I made this simple and effective mod :


I take on board what folk are saying about the OP-1 and OP-Z working well together.

How are you connecting them? Is it just a USB Mini-B to USB C cable? If so, does TE sell their own branded version of such a cable? Or if not, where is the best source?


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iam using the Apple USB C connector, which is cheap and it makes it easy to plug in the op1

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Man that’s genius! Gonna upgrade mine tonight :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also using apples usb C adapter from Best Buy!

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Totally just my opinion but I’m thinking though one of the best methods For producing a track may be to play into op-1 via aux out and that’s it. Record to tape.