OP-Z - Trouble recording audio into Ableton via USB

Hi Guys,

I recently got my hands on an OP-Z and have gotten to the point where I want to record Audio into Ableton so that I can mix + add fx. So I started to look online and there were two solutions available:

  1. Use the provided USB cable and turn the OP-Z into an audio interface in order to record the audio directly.
  2. Use a splitter jack to convert the 1/8 jack into two mono 1/4 TRS and use my audio interface to record the audio (seems a bit stupid to convert digital>audio>digital again though).

So, like most people I opted for option 1, but this is just not working for me. Most of the tutorials/videos/threads online have people connecting it to a Mac device as opposed to Windows, and for them it just seems to work out the box in Ableton. For me, when I try use it as an input with DX or Wave, it just doesn’t work at all, the sound is garbage, audio drops out every beat - it’s basically unusable.

I tried to record with Audacity and it works fine, but somehow when I try and record it into Ableton, it just doesn’t want to work properly so I’m having to export each recording individually now from Audacity.

Has anyone solved this issue or is this just an issues with Ableton + Windows audio input drivers?

Anyway, thanks in advance for checking out this thread!

maybe check your audio // soundcard settings in ableton?
buffer settings? sample rate? etc etc