OP-Z true panning issue

Hi there, I discovered an issue with my OP-Z (fw 1.2.40). When I hard pan any sound e.g. a kickdrum to the left, I still can hear it faintly on the right side in my headphones/ speakers. I’d like it to be completely silent though. Does panning behave the same way in your OP-Z or is it an issue only I experience on my device? TE Support suggested to turn off any fx on that track but it doesn’t do the trick.
Thanks for your help.

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I don’t have that issue, could it be the cable you’re using that’s the problem? Try wiggling it to see if you can get rid of it temporarily.

Hi cmck, thanks for the advice. I will try different cables but I already checked with several headphones and it doesn’t do the trick.

Hi all,
I just fixed it. There was just a slight amount of chorus on my Master track. This caused the problem.
Bye Philip

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