Op-z USB-audio coming?

Is this true?

Well there are rumors that the new sampling feature works via USB-C too.

Hope that‘s true and beside audio going in for sampling they make it possible that audio is going out in separate tracks for recording.


Only heard that sampling was from internal mic and headset.


Yes. It is. I talked to them at superbooth

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So you can you record the output to a daw over usb? This is so great, its the only update i needed for the op-z. Stoked.

No. You said via the mic and headphone mic. That will be possible. Sorry my answer was a little bit unclear. Nothing is said about USB.

In this video, he says you can sample into the opz over usb at least.

Which video?

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link to video?

this one! I think it’s the only one that’s covering something

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Yeah that one, forgot to paste it :blush:

Well, the guy in the video was pretty clear about it (maybe he unconsciously leaked that info), but who knows, TE could change their mind any time before releasing the update…

I have an other source claiming ”audio over usb” will come. We ll just have to wait and see what that means. :slight_smile:

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Who’s the second source? :slight_smile:

Never reveal your sources!

So, just to fuel the hype train, assuming this feature is coming, how do you plan on feeding the USB audio? Is there any inexpensive dongle that converts from line level to that? I’m sure a plumbus would do it nicely, but they seem to be out of stock for a while…


A small class-compliant audio interface should work for this shouldn’t it? Something like a Zoom recorder or the like.

I don’t see anything in my plumbus user manual about USB-C https://insighteditions.com/product/rick-and-morty-ruled-notebook/

Damn, now I’m disappointed!