Op-z USB audio out?


Trying to see if this is possible. The latest update on my Elektron Digitone gives it class compliant USB functionality and lets you monitor USB audio as an an external input. I tried to plug my OPZ’s usb directly to to the Digitone via a usb a to c adapter and it works for sending clock and transport controls via the OP-Z but no audio. How can i make it so the OP-Z is sending audio out of its USB? Digitone settings are all correct, it’s set to listen for Usb audio. Am I missing some setting on or is this just not possible on the op-z without it being plugged in to a computer as an interface?


I can’t comment on the Digitone, but I can confirm that USB audio from the OP-Z works with adapters (and hubs) and it sets to audio automatically. You can check that USB audio is turned on for sampling by pressing SCREEN + 3, but it works automatically every time I plug it in. There might be an issue with the OP-Z recognizing anything other than Windows/MacOS/iOS. I can’t get it to turn on USB audio when trying to connect it to another interface.

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