OP-Z usb audio send and return

Hi there,
I read on a YouTube comment that the ´0 mode’ in the input selection menu would allow to do send and return, and thus to use an iPhone as an external fx unit. My op-z usb still out for repairs, anybody had success using this combo this way ?

Yes, this works quite fine. I’m using AUM and several Audio Damage filters

Thanks for your input.
This means usb audio is outputted to iPhone/iPad and is sent back to op-z for monitoring ?
This is crazy :slight_smile:

Mmm, also curious about this. How do you do it?

This is what the TE site saya for ‘0 mode’:

monitor the incoming usb audio signal. the op-z main out signal is muted in speaker/headphones. be careful, this signal can be a lot louder than your synth sound.


Yeah this part of the guide is pretty much cryptic !

For me its this workaround:

  1. Turn on OP-Z and connect cables
  2. Start AUM
  3. Connect OP-Z to the iPad (mine is an Pro 9,7 with lightning to USB adapter and original op-z cable)
  4. AUM is recognizing the OP-Z as source
  5. create audio connection in AUM. Select OP-Z as input and output.
  6. in the filter section, select a filterapp
  7. select on OP-Z the source „0“

Audio is coming from the OP-Z Speaker or headphone jack.

Maybe i can make a video if someone is interested.


Has anyone had any luck with the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable? I have had plenty of success with the bulky Apple USB “Camera Kit” Adaptor but that is currently wired up in the studio and I would like something smaller for travel. I received the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable today and it is not working as intended. I am not sure why since the cable is capable of data transfer between an iPhone and Mac (so it is not just a charging cable). I like Apples products but their adaptor business is getting on my nerves.

the usb to lightning cable does not give u any other functionality like usb host
other than data tranfer/sync and charging

u need the CCK which enables the host functionality

Yeah, I guest that makes sense. Oh well.

im interested! still very confused on what this is for.

So it took a while, but here it is…a very short Video of the OP-Z with AUM on iOS. Maybe its a help for some of you…

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Yes, this works quite fine. I’m using AUM and several Audio Damage filters