OP-Z USB Audio Windows 10 Reason 11 issues

So I just got my OP-Z and after playing with it a bit I wanted to see how easy it would be to record it to Reason 11 on my Windows 10 desktop and it turns out, it’s not so easy. Now first I tried the old fashioned 3.5mm Y splitter to stereo 1/4" into my Focusrite Audio Interface 2i2 and this will probably work fine but I think the cable I got is defective because only one of the 2-1/4" outputs worked so I have a new cable on the way that is better quality (I hope). So then I thought I would try the USB audio route and I can’t get Reason to recognize the OP-Z as an audio input. It shows up in MIDI, I have enabled it in the sound control panel etc. and still nothing. So if anyone has a solution that has worked for them please let me know.

So luckily I have a Macbook pro as well, and what do ya know, just plugged in the USB, turned it on and there it is, working as an audio input in Reason 11. I have always been a Mac person for this reason, everything just works, but I have a custom PC in my little home office to make up for the macs recent growing limitations that I would love to use as my stationary music recording setup so I would really like to get this to work on Windows 10 as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.