OP-Z v1.2.31 and new iPadOS 14 Weird issue

After updating to iPadOS 14, OP-Z content mode “Samplepack” folder name is not working (iPadOS 13 worked just fine with no issues). I can see all folders and able to drill down, but Samplepack folder can not be open. iPasOS 14 displays as “ samplepac誖儺” … Note the weird character at the end.

I performed a factory reset on my OP-Z and use the most recent firmware V1.2.31. And iPadOS 14 still displays Samplepack folder as “ samplepac誖儺”… iPad can not open the folder.

My MacBook Pro and android phone both can read and write without the problem (and Samplepack folder name do not have those weird characters.

I contacted Apple support team and their developers are looking into it. I am not sure how to contact TE support team. Wondering if any if you are also experiencing this or it is unique to me. I do not have iPhone to test iOS 14…

Same thing here.

would give a shout to TE
u can reach them via email
but also via the support portal
top left there is a button to submit a note

Thank you for the pointer, I was able to submit the OP-Z issue.

Hi @Prab. Did you ever get a response to this? I’m having the same issue and it’s a bit of a killer, as I want to be able to download and install packs on the go, and I don’t have a laptop.

TE sent me email suggesting that they are looking into it. It was a several months ago and I have not heard. I know they are aware of iPad OS14 content mode issue anything since then. I hope they fix it in their next firmware update.
If you have Android phone/tablet, you may be able to load samples into OP-Z using content mode. I have samsung phone and I was able to upload sample easily.
I have been using AUM app in my iPad and virtual instruments/samples. I use OP-Z sequencer and send MIDI triggers to iPad/external synth via OP-Z bluetooth. Although it is little less portable, If you have both iPad and OP-Z together most of the time, this setting may be more powerful than the standalone OPZ. Some draw backs with is setting is that you may not be able to use the Tape effects and some punch in triggers.

TE reached out to me today with a temporary work around. I tested and it works. See below for the instructions from TE on this workaround:

This is quite odd…

After doing some testing I can confirm that I am able to reproduce it and have found a small workaround. If when mounting the OP-Z drive you attempt to compress the “samplepacks” folder by long pressing it in files you will get an error saying the file doesn’t exist, once you have done this switch to the “on my iPad” folder on the iPad then back to the OP-Z and you should be able to read the folder. I believe the reason it does this is due to the fact that it forces the iPad to read and write its contents and should allow for its editing.

Hoping this helps as an intermediary fix while our developers investigate :slight_smile:

Rest assured our developers are investigating a fix for this and I have had a discussion with them about this.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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Wow this is great. Thanks for sharing you made my day!!!

Btw after the workaround will the weird symbols disappear?



When i put a sample in a free spot folder in the samplepacks folder and eject the op-z by pressing the play button the sample is not there on the op-z.
When i reconnect it and look in the folder it is empty.

Anyone also have this issue and is able to help me with a fix?


(Also mailed TE about this)

Hi Arne,
I had similar issue as well. Althought the work around allows us to get into the sample pack folder, however, transferring sample files do not work. I did reported this to TE and below is their response. Looks like TE is finally listening to our issues and trying to find a solution. Hopefully they will publish new firmware version soon.
William (teenage engineering - customer support)

Mar 1, 2021, 14:47 GMT+1

Hey Prab,

Just tested on mine too and I can confirm the issue…

I have just forwarded this on to our developer and he has added this issue to his list and will look into it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, rest assured we are looking into it!

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us again, we would be happy to help.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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Hi Prab,

Thanks for replaying. I aslo just send an email to TE about the issue!!

So yeah indeed lets hope for a quick fix :grin:

ah had the same 1-2 weeks ago and thought I’ve manually messed up that sample.

the workaround from the past works here aswell.

once you’ve loaded the sample you can access it via the app and reconfigure its slot, after that it will stay on the Z.

No way!! Will try that tomorrow

Will let you know. Thanks!!

It doesn’t appear in the op-z app.
Can you be more precise about the proces form the beginning?


i guess it happened to me with sampled material via IOS…that file had been kind of messed up (slot is empty) while power cycling. After that I sampled everything, reconfigured the samples via the App (configurator) and now they’re solid

I don’t get it. So i connect the op-z to my ipad with the camera kit. Then i put the sample on via the files app on the ipad (or iPhone doesn’t matter) and then i eject the op-z. Then the sample is gone.

So what do i have to do next in the op-z app?

Let me know

maybe it’s a bug then.
I guess I’ve recorded my sample via UsB, after it was gone I tried with the App and that worked.

so basically you’re referring to IOS only, data transfer, correct?

Yeah that’s works indeed.

Yes data transfer via IOS/ IPadOS files app with camera connection kit (lightning to usb)

OPZ new firmware update 1.2.38 seems to fix this issue.