OP-Z Videomatic possible?

I think I may be able to use bust style photo shooting to get a seemingly high frame rate per scene to simulate video through the Photomatic, will try and update you guys. I have yet to delve into this region of the OP-Z. I am however getting some super intense visual ideas coming to mind. If this wonder machine was to ever receive an update in the future to handle video. or a module for video I would be thrilled! the capabilities would be infinite…

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Stop motion animation is fun. I made a couple scenes, and it is super wild. It’s been a while since I played with it but I think we are limited to 16 frames per pattern so the frame rate isn’t very video like. It’s more like a gif loop that you can tweak and glitch out. If you had a few different photomatic scenes all programmed out to go with a pattern chain you could sequence a cool music video type of thing.

I remember them talking about video integration before it launched, saying it’s possible. I bought one video pack that can use a live camera feed. https://gumroad.com/cursedcreators?recommended_by=search

I think it would be really cool to get a video mixer and run photomatic or a video pack on each device and mix video between the two.

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