OP-Z Videopak Demo of SynthTwo + Download(freebie)


great work ! how long did it take you to make it ?
… cool fx pedal ! looks like a vintage video tape.

Thanks, It was about 2 days modeling the 3D synth(I borrowed a lot of parts from the SynthOne pak like the knobs and backplate) and stripped environment.

About 2 days of hooking up the interactivity(I borrowed a lot from previous paks though) and then 3 hours to make the video demo

I want to use this videopak as the base for a new tutorial series that shows the Entire end to end process of setting it up, let me know if anyone is into that. For the tutorials I want to release a template project that will have everything setup so it’s easy to learn.

Lots of fun stuff planned for this year especially some contests etc with some pretty dope prizes, keep your eyes out!

The pedal is the T-120 Tape Echo Deluxe btw

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