OP-Z virtual synth Videopack freebie -

Hey All:

I’m making a few packs for fun and wanted to give this one away, the controls are listed below, This works for the latest firmware update on the opz, Enjoy!

Controls for the Synth1: use track 16(motion track)

On the motion track -

Dials #1-#5 link up to the the 5 virtual dials(the 5th dial can be reached by hitting shift and then rotating the green dial)

Notes C, C#, D, E,F, F#(on motion track still) have attributes like flash, color change(background/foreground), position jump

Other than that the 16 tracks are mapped to the virtual synth to blink when a note is hit.

Things that I’m thinking about adding are:
Camera rotate(using dial), Video effects(like glitch and datamosh), Camera Shake, and maybe a scale animation of the whole synth on just the kick track -

Download Link

Installation Tips:

  1. Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer and (iOS open itunes) and (Android find videopaks folder in opz app)
  2. (iOS) Find your opz app in the “Files” section, copy the videopaks folder out of there to your desktop or any location out of your iOS device, then place the synth1 folder in the videopaks folder, next after you have placed the synth1 folder in the videopaks folder you want to overwrite the videopaks folder back in the “Files” section in the opz directory on your iOS device
  3. (Android) place the synth1 folder in the videopaks folder


If you guys dig that one then feel free to support the other packs I’m making here -

Also, here’s an example of the virtual synth in action -


Thanks all!


should this work on OSX as well? Because it doesn’t seem to :frowning:

Give this one a shot, switched the shader model, let me know if it works!


no luck. that didn’t work either. screenshot attached as proof of adding to correct directory

appreciate your efforts!

@khalua thanks for bringing that to my attention, I’ll look into it again this week. What OS version are you running btw, I want to match that with my macbook over here - also email me, would love to get this sorted for future versions - tonygrisey@gmail.com

Visuals are great. Sounds from your demo link are killer!

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Running Mojave - 10.14.6

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Same here, on Mac OS X (Mojave)can’t import any videopaks or Photomatic content, I guess with all updates from TE, they not really supporting this plattform.

Do your other video packs support android?

@kingof9x feel free to email me if you want to work on getting android solid, it should work but not confirmed, if you want to do some android testing for me then would be happy to send you some test builds - tonygrisey@gmail.com @Pepe and @khalua going to output a few more tonight to see if switching up the build settings work -


Thanks for this, works fine in MacOS when placed in correct directory. Somewhere along the line conventional wisdom says that OP-Z.app Show Package Contents is the the place to put videopacks and photomatic files - this only contains the 2 factory packs and factory photos and should not be modified. To add any extras, use this folder and it will work:

/Users/YOUNAMEHERE/Library/Containers/com.teenageengineering.te012.osx/Data/Library/Application Support/com.teenageengineering.te012.osx

(edit: tested in 10.14 Mojave, may be different for other version - but will definitely not be in the OP-Z.app contents)


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