OP-Z Volume Knob Falls Off

First post on here and it’s a bit mundane (also I did search but not seen anything obvious on here). My OP-Z arrived yesterday and as soon as I took it out the box the yellow volume / power switch came off. Basically just slipped off as soon as I used it. It still works fine and wasn’t sure if this was a “feature” by design or if I needed to return it.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Certainly not a feature. Return it.

My second op-z (replacing one that started double-triggering) has the same issue but I kept it because it didn’t double trigger and felt materially more solid than the first. It falls out very rarely :sweat_smile:

So, yeah maybe replace it if under warranty. TE should provide perfectly working units, but sadly QC is amiss :disappointed:

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I put just a little dab of high strength threadlocker on mine and it’s staying put. Used to fall out all the time. Similar low strength adhesive should work too.