OP-Z will not work with Keystep :(

Hello !
I`ve connectet the OP-Z via USB (micro usb > usb c - Adapter) to the Keystep.
All Midi in at OP-Z are enabled, for example Bass-Track-Channel 5 is activated, Keystep Midi Chanel 5 selected. But NO Connection, no midi transfers :frowning:
What could this be? I dont get it :((( The adapter? I tried different ones.
Normaly those two should work nicely together, its looking so easy at Cuckoos Video.
Is something wrong with my new Keystep? (I am allready searched in this forum, and set the keystep also on Midi Thru On, but nothing)
Thank you very much! And have a nice day :slight_smile:

I use my keystep on midi channel 1 and I can play the currently selected track anytime.
Default midi settings on the op-z


Ok, thanks:) i will try!
Is your keystep powered over usb by the Op-z?
My keystep needs extra power over the Power Input. Normaly it should be working without extra power. Is there something i Must adjust at the keystep? My op-z is Running ob the latest os.
Thank you !

Yes it is powered by the OP-Z. Maybe something is wrong with your cable?

I bought a USB-C to Micro-USB cable from Belkin and it works flawlessly.
Cant give you the model number because I threw the packaging away.

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The Keystep works fine with the currently selected track on my op-z. Pitch works too but is there a way to use the arp feature of the keystep and the hold button to hold notes?

And: I donβ€˜t want the keystep to be powered via USB-C? I already habe plugged in a power adapter but it seems the keystep still drains power of the OP-Z.