OP-Z with audio/midi interface via USB

Wondering if there is any way of using the OP-Z with a USB audio/midi interface (like an iConnect device) to get both audio and midi out of the OP-Z to use with a DAWless hardware setup (specifically my Octatrack).

I know that an iConnect midi interface can work with the OP-Z to get midi, and I can get audio from the OP-Z out of the standard 1/8" jack. But wondering if you could also get audio out of the USB with the latest OP-Z update. Just one USB to the audio/midi interface, and then into the Octatrack.


I use a Zoom UR-24 for audio and midi to and from my Octatrack. You need a usb-c to female usb-a, named OTG, for connecting the OP-Z to the Zoom UR-24.

For midi :

  • OP-Z usb-c to usb-b Zoom (use a usb-c OTG cable)
  • Zoom midi out and in to the Octatrack

For audio :

  • OP-Z audio out to Zoom audio-in (use a 3,5mm to 2x6,35mm splitter cable)
  • Zoom audio out to A/B in on the Octatrack. (2 x 6,35mm cables)

This works without any problem, fully dawless. The Zoom UR-24 can be powered by battery.

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