OP-Z with Oplab & PO400 - how?

Looking for some help using the OP-Z with oplab on the PO400. I just got the oplab today and I’m not sure how to connect it to the PO 400. I tried the setups suggested in the manual and a few I thought would work in some way but so far it does not effect the sound from the 400.

What are some setups.


Easiest setup is to make a simple setup from the manual and then connect CV 1 from the oplab to the control port of one of the oscillator of the PO 400. Then you can sequence the oscillator just like on any other tracks of the OP-Z.

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This may help you with setting up the OP-Z with the PO-400. It’s mainly the POM-16 connected though it’s the same connections as when using the oplab module:

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