Op-Z with Roland J-6 MIDI incompatible?


Anyone successfully manage to link OP-Z using OP-Lab module (midi in) and Roland J-6 (midi out)? Goal is to use Chord functionality of J-6 to sketch tracks on OP-Z.

Problem discription:
Basic midi link works fine. OP-Z recognize every single midi note played separately (eg C) by J-6 when Chord Mode disabled, but when Chord Mode is enabled on J-6 (max 4 midi notes goes out through midi out), still, only one note is played on OP-Z.

I tried the same midi setup with Novation Circuit and J-6 chords are easily recognized by Circuit.

What is going on with OP-Z that it can’t receive polyfonic notes from J-6?

I have no experience with these other devices but worth checking the track parameters for the op-z track you’re sending to in the app, maybe it’s set to Mono instead of Poly?

Thx. I had the same idea yesterday. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

Funny thing is that other way around (OP-Z sends midi : J-6 receives midi) polyphony is not a problem. OP-z sends multiple notes without problem.

I tried the same thing (OPz receive midi) with Novation Circuit and multiple notes works like a charm.

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Hey, did you manage to solve this? I’ve got both but was using them independently. I don’t have op labs atm but was thinking of picking up the line module but am keen to know if I can send the chords via midi to the OP-Z before I invest in it!

Nope, sorry. Still no go with this setup.

I have used it on the op-1 field by directly connecting usb-c to usb-c. Worked like a charm. I know that is not the question but might be worth a try on the op-z?

I have this working. J-6 midi out to opz midi in via line module and boss midi cable. On the J-6 set midi channel to 8, enable chord mode and chords can be recorded into the opz chord track.

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