OP-Z won't connect to iPad

This morning I ran into an issue where my OP-Z will no longer connect to my iPad. The app can see my OP-Z just fine. I press connect and it says “connecting…” but then says “not connected”. The light on the back of my OP-Z shows flashing blue, then green when I press to connect, then to red. Incidentally, I found using my iPhone works without issue. So I am wondering if there is an issue with my iPad

On my OP-Z, I have performed a factory reset and updated the firmware to the most recent version 1.2.14. On my iPad, I reinstalled the app, restarted it, and updated the software.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Maybe check if your op-z is connecting with other iOS device, and check if your iPad is connecting via BT with other gear.

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So, I eventual factory reset my iPad and that seemed to resolve my issue.