Op-z working eurorack interfaces?


Hey, are there already known Eurorack midi interfaces which work with the op-z? Squarp hermod, expertsleepers…list goes on.
Heard that expert sleepers fh-1 is a little problematik when connected directly to the op-z.

Who had luck?


Is noone using it with modular?


I use it to control my system 500. Direct via oplab module CV gate or via Roland A01 midi to cv. Works perfect.


I´ll try an Keystep. Was thinking more of Eurorack midi to cv Interfaces. I think the OPlab Modul is pretty obsolete to be honest for the price.

A sampling modul with Audio IN would be KIller :wink:


Hexinverter mutant brain is very stable with the opz. I’m Using a iconnectivity midi1 to talk between the opz and mutant brain. No problems. You will also need a usb a to usb c(female) adapter.


Has anyone tested interfaces with native usb to directly connect the op-z?

Hexinverter is definitly on the list :+1:


I had luck connecting the OP-Z directly to my Monome Earthsea via USB.

Plug in a class-compliant USB MIDI device and the Earthsea will act as a simple MIDI-to-CV converter.

Tried this out before getting my hands on the OPLab.