Op-z working eurorack interfaces?

Hey, are there already known Eurorack midi interfaces which work with the op-z? Squarp hermod, expertsleepers…list goes on.
Heard that expert sleepers fh-1 is a little problematik when connected directly to the op-z.

Who had luck?

Is noone using it with modular?

I use it to control my system 500. Direct via oplab module CV gate or via Roland A01 midi to cv. Works perfect.

I´ll try an Keystep. Was thinking more of Eurorack midi to cv Interfaces. I think the OPlab Modul is pretty obsolete to be honest for the price.

A sampling modul with Audio IN would be KIller :wink:

Hexinverter mutant brain is very stable with the opz. I’m Using a iconnectivity midi1 to talk between the opz and mutant brain. No problems. You will also need a usb a to usb c(female) adapter.

Has anyone tested interfaces with native usb to directly connect the op-z?

Hexinverter is definitly on the list :+1:

I had luck connecting the OP-Z directly to my Monome Earthsea via USB.

Plug in a class-compliant USB MIDI device and the Earthsea will act as a simple MIDI-to-CV converter.

Tried this out before getting my hands on the OPLab.

just ran a short test with shuttle control.
sending midi clock, start / stop / reset, cv and gate on a mono channel works fine.

I’d like to integrate the OP-Z with my eurorack stuff. I already have an Intellijel uMidi, but that’s only good for one voice so I’m looking for other options. There are a handful of options out there that are cheap if you are only looking to have a gate and v/oct per voice, but I’m thinking that it’d be pretty valuable to be able to use the automation from param knobs over midi cc to drive modulation in the rack. Has anyone tried doing much with this yet? Curious what modules people are using.

The Endorphin.es Shuttle Control looks really great, but its pretty pricey.

The Polyend Poly also looks great, but its comparatively huge and overkill (not planning to use 8 different tracks with modulation and velocity for each one).

The Expert Sleepers FH2 seems like it might be the right thing for me. 8 assignable outs, expanders if you need them. The price is somewhere in the middle of the road. I’d want to hear some success stories using it with the OP-Z before I take the leap.

Has anybody taken advantage of the cv2 and cv3 outs on the oplab module? I see that they can utilize stereo patch cables, but how does that work? Do you have to get a stereo to two mono 1/8" patch cord to split the tip and ring signals? Where can you buy one? Thanks!

Yes it is great, you need a stereo minijack to double monominijack adapter.
And it lets you use cv 2 and 3 for modulation, which you can record on the module track. So it is like a double cv recorder.
I love it.

I ordered some 1/8" splitter cables to try out the cv2 and cv3 to try this out. If it works out… I kinda wanna see if I can ditch my Hermod for more rack space.

Hey guys (especially with a shuttle control)

I just got my OPZ back and recently picked up a shuttle control especially to use together. How are you guys setting these up? I can’t seem to get my shuttle and OP-Z talking to each other.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Works fine for me plugged in as a device not as a host.

Any specific settings with the SC or OPZ?

Depends what you’re doing obviously but an example would be to seq the bass track on the OP-Z to midi channel 1 and the lead track to midi channel 2 and then select program C on the shuttle control. Plug the OP-Z in one of the USB ports on the SC and boom.

I’ve used it with a uMIDI and it worked with just a USB plugin. I’ve also used it with a Shuttle Control, it required a bit of config but worked even better.

That’s exactly what I’ve been hoping would happen. But I just can’t get the opz to talk to the SC. I’m sure it’s user error. But I can’t fogure out wth I’m doing wrong.

Are you guys using a USB C > USB B cable and plugging into the “to device” port on the SC? I’m using a USB C > Adapeter and then a standard USB cable. Old school printer type B.

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Yeah. I imagine it would work similarly as with a digitakt + SC. Just total head scratching over trying to get everything to play together.