OP1 and iPad, could be amazing but...

Hi folks,

I love my iPad and I love my OP1, both tremendously powerful and yet fun for music production. And they could be absolutely incredible together but for a few niggles which, when combined together, make me sooooo frustrated! So close and yet so far...

Proposed set-up:

  1. iPad running a synth app, i.e. Thor or Moog Model 15, etc
  2. OP1 in tape mode
  3. USB from OP1 to iPad via CCK
  4. Audio out from iPad into OP1

I have a blank synth sampler patch setup so I can play the iPad synths via the OP1 keyboard and monitor the iPad output in the OP1 without hearing the internal synth engine. I then want to either record to a tape track or directly into the drum or synth sampler. Which works fine EXCEPT for:

  • The horrific digital noise when running a line-in into the OP1. The USB cable being connected emphasises this but it is always there. Turning charging off has little effect
  • I can't for the life of me get a consistent MIDI connection between my OP1 and iPad. Is there an order for switching things on and connecting cables?

I would love to be able to work directly this way but may have to use a recording app inside the iPad as a middle man then send this audio to the OP1 without the USB cable connected or even dump it using the OP1 in disk mode. This all feels so cumbersome when the method I would like to use would be so slick!

Does anyone else feel frustrated about this and does anyone have any tips to eliminate or at least reduce the problems above?

On a similar tip - how does transferring OP-1 tracks to the Ipad work? As the Ipad has no filing structure?

I use a Kingston G2 wireless thingummy. The files can then be moved to Audioshare. But again it’s cumbersome and so I don’t really do this on iOS, using either a PC or my Android for backups and stuff.

On a similar tip - how does transferring OP-1 tracks to the Ipad work? As the Ipad has no filing structure?

Not to niggle, but an iPad does have a filing structure-- it’s just not typically exposed to the user. Please feel free to throw tomatoes at me :slight_smile:

The only options I can think of are:

  1. Use a nanokey or something to trigger the ipad synth - assuming you are not wanting to sequence from the OP-1 keyboard.

  2. Use a ground lift isolator cable between OP1 and ipad, I think monacor make one which does galvanic isolation, in theory it should work but not tested it.

Oh, here you go https://www.audiomate.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=Monacor-FGA-35-Stereo-Ground-Insulator&gclid=CPzUjaHj6MwCFdQaGwodtT0BCA

Cheers for the link, might grab me one of them cables.

Ground lift isolators work wonders with the OP-1. They should be included with the purchase.

Sounds hopeful @danieldavis... :D Ordered from Juno, should receive tomorrow, will report back.

Now to sort out the MIDI... once connected it stays connected but takes umpteen attempts. There must be some logic to it...

Getting the OP-1 and iPad to sync is tricky. Like you said, once they sync, it’s all good, but getting the to sync is another issue.

One great solution I’ve found - works every time - is to use the MIDIBridge app on the iPad. It’s the best MIDI utility app around, an essential tool for your arsenal.

Cheers for the tip, I’m a Midiflow guy myself which recognises the OP1 but it takes a few attempts for it to recognise incoming data.

Using the App blocs Wave for a while. easy to Record over usb from external gear like the op-1 or bs2 into the iPad. Then you can sample it in the app. I know, this wasnt your usecase, but imo the workflow seemed to ne much easier and more intuitive than Recording into op-1

I’ve got to disagree, can’t see what is more straightforward than recording into the op1, beside the fact I don’t need an audio interface to facilitate this. I’ve got Blocs Wave, great app, but it’s not the sort of thing (loops) I do on the op1.

I’ve not had too much noise probs recording to OP1 tape from my mixer.Seems to do the ground lifting thingy.
Also do you have an iCM ? Very rock solid. Can also route iOS audio to Mac/pc which gives more options on audio output .Deffo beat an iOS for audio out (using audio interface).
Mixer seems to be my main point in this post.

Youre right, ghostly606, recording into the op-1 would be also my first choice. You have more fun und lots of possibilties in the op-1. Its only that the sound qality seemed to be better using the iPad or Ableton to record.

ghostly606 - did you get this working in the end? I spent this evening trying the same thing with mixed result with the iPad Air and camera kit. First issue was the ‘not enough power’ error when trying to play op-1 keys on an app. This was fixed by putting the iPad into Airplane mode. And then I get the dreaded high pitch feedback noise (ffs). Did the isolator cable work and you were able to play op-1 keys and record the iPad synth to tape?

Well the Monacor transformer cable works an absolute treat. No more nasty feedback when connecting the Camera Kit to link up Ipad and Op-1!!! This is a dream set up infairness. OP-1 controlling/sequencing some korg apps on the ipad and resampling them is a beautiful thing - so glad this is now fixed.