Op1 and opz combo info

I am the happy owner of a op1 and am considering to expand the set up with opz.
How many tracks can I have in total when the two machines are synced?
I think I can only use one track of the op1 to be added to the opz ones…am I right? Thanks

for the op1 u have the 4 tape tracks u can sync to the Z
and u can also play 1 synth or drum or use a sequencer over the top of that
so total 5 tracks from the op1 simultaneously

Thanks. So I can assign a midi channel to each one or the op1 tracks and select them from the opz sequencer? Beside those op1 tracks I can also have the 8 opz ones right? So in total it would be 12/13 tracks that can be sequenced by the opz?