OP1 and OPZ sync via Line module

So I’d like to know whether it’s possible to sync OPZ as slave to OP1 via Line module (trig in channel)

not via USB: it’s for korg nano kontrol

and not using OP1 as slave via Line midi out: it’s for modular synth

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Just tried and no it doesn’t work. The op-1 and op-z modules only have PO sync out which doesn’t help in your case.

It should be possible ,the line also has trig in and out next to the po out.
The manual is needed with setting it up.

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My bad you’re right! Had to set the step length to 0 to have it listen for triggers. Will need a y-cable to split the PO-sync on L and OP-1’s audio on R.

Edit: wanting to add a few findings in case these impact what you’re trying to do:

  • in my opinion the op-z stays in sync better than over midi, especially when changing the bpm live on the op-1
  • as mentioned above you’ll need to split the L+R audio, but this limits you to mono audio from the op-1.
  • the op-z’s tracks get triggered whether or not you have it’s sequencer running
  • existing step components don’t work whether the sequencer is running or not. I have trigger sparks where steps where a snare fill only plays every 4 bars, but they trigger every bar.
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Wow! Thank you! Gonna buy a y-cable and try it my own!