op1 as a midi controller for ableton live


any tips for accomplishing this? just got ableton and looking to use the op1 in conjunction. assumed it would be pretty foolproof but it’s not working natively and not really finding much in the way of tips through google.



See 13.8 here https://www.teenageengineering.com/guides/op-1/song-rendering-and-connectivity


The control mapping is essential. Should be found through Sparky’s link.

Takes some practice, but the basic functions are accessible from the op-1.


not sure how i missed that or why it didn’t come up.

thx guys!


Has anyone got this working on Live 9.5? I can get the op1 to play notes but none of the other keys are working as expected.


It works well for me. Info and Live script from here…


Don’t forget to read the “Learn how to use it” section.


Fine for me on Windows 10 with Live 9.5…


What are the number buttons supposed to do? With live 9.7 they do nothing.