OP1: Beat - Quintuplets/Septuplets question

New OP1 owner. trying to get the hang of the unit workflow and i am wondering , what is the best way to achieve quintuplets/septuplets measures with the sequencers and which one is more suited for beats (fingers/endless?)
i am trying to achieve a ‘loose/drunken’ feel to my 4/4 beat with hats/snares.
do we have swing values mapped like on MPC ? see link :

Any suggestions on approach to follow by more experienced users?

thanks for the help

Both finger and endless can do swing (green knob; including <50% swing, not typical for MPCs)
Best really just to play around with the different sequencers and see what works where. Endless is good for extended patterns and toying with scale divisions, but you have one shot to program your whole pattern. Finger is more limited in length and scale (and can only do 2 notes per step, vs endless 4), but you can re-edit patterns step by step, store multiple patterns, and layer two patterns at once.

If you really want quintuplets or septuplets, here’s a goofy trick (more as an example of just exploring the device to see what works): change your tempo to a ratio of the original (set your bar/loop points at the original tempo), e.g. 100BPM * 7/4 = 175BPM. Now sixteenth notes on a sequencer will be septuplets relative to what you originally have on the tape. Then you can meticulously program in whatever wonky tuplet rhythms you want

(I used this recently on a sketch in 5/8 meter. Record sequences at this altered tempo, then switch back to the “normal” tempo to get sensible bar lines back for tape arrangement)

nothing beats that unquantized feel
than just playing your beats in by hand too

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Thanks both for your inputs!