OP1 COM-Button (and some more others) not working :(

Dear all,

i have a problem with my OP1 (R.14203) and don’t know how to solve it – maybe you can help me,
The OP1 was working perfect last time, then it was laying in the studio for around 2 months without use and now has the following bugs:

– Pressing COM + Switch on = Bootloader Menu don’t work (so there’s no way to upload a new OS)
– All Buttons from the first note C are not working (for some reason, the note Cis is working…)
– The four knobs are all working, but the 1–8 Buttons and the Record, COM, and the »4 dots« Button are also not working
– In Synth mode Shift + 1 = Preset Selector is working, but no presets (except Sampler) are shown there
– Maybe there are some other bugs, but i did’t see them yet…

Do you have an idea what the problem could be? Hope so, cause i love my OP1 and miss it already :frowning:

Thank you and looking forward hearing from you!


Yeah, this sounds familiar. My unit had this from the beginning, and one or two others in the old forum. Basically, most buttons on the right side of the unit are not working, right? It’s a connection failure, you have to send it to TE for a fix. Took me little less than a month to get it back.

thanks for your reply – what was the cost and now it’s working again? best, alex

I still had the warranty, so didn’t cost a thing, and have had no problems since! (It was fixed two years ago.) Mind you, I sent it for repairs through the shop that I bought it from in Finland.

I think that since it is clearly a fault in manufacture (not caused by you, and present in other units as well), you could at least try to argue for a free repair.

thanks for that info – my op1 is from the first production run so i think, there’s no warranty left :slight_smile: I will contact them and hope to hear from them soon… in the meantime i try to get my fingers on the pocket controllers :slight_smile: have a nice day!

You too, good luck with the repair!