op1 disk mirroring: question (bug?)

Hi there,

Just got a new op1. I had a question about the file management -


If I have a valid file in the SNAPSHOT folder, I mount the op1 to my computer, and I rename the file.
Many times, when I eject the op1 and go into the op1’s file loader in the drum synth view I will now see duplicate entries for the same file in the snapshots folder. I.E., I think the op1 is detecting that the “file has changed” and that any ‘change’ triggers a new “creation of a kit”, even though the file name is the same.


If I do the following, everything seems to work as expected:

- mount op1 as disk
- delete the file(s) that are problematic (if there are no refs to a file anymore, the op1’s db gets updated properly)
- load op1(picks up changes that file was removed, and removes all duplicates that may have been present)
- mount op1 as disk
- transfer the file
- load op1 (picks up the changes, adds the file to a list of known files)

…at this point, the file list is mirrored correctly. Does anyone know if this is a bug on my system, or something that happens in any sys?

Thanks a lot

OSX 10.9.5

I am sure it’s a firmware bug on all systems… I’ve seen it caused by other things. I haven’t tried renaming the files in place in the snapshots folder though.

I have seem this bug when replacing patches by new ones that have the exact same name, if i recall correctly. To avoid that I usually erase the old patches and remount again before copying the new ones.

OK, that makes sense. Thanks for verifying that the bug exists.