OP1 Display Issues

I’m trying to troubleshoot a rev 2 op1 that has an intermittent screen problem. The unit always boots ok, however approximately 1/2 the time the screen is just black. The buttons still respond as they should and there is output as normal, just no screen. Unit was disassembled, cleaned display connector and reseated, same issue. The only other clue I noted is that the issue mostly happens once the keyboard is seated back in its final position, not nearly as much in ‘service position’ with keybed out of the way. Anyone have an idea? Factory reset, newest firmware.

Did you contact TE’s support? I’m guessing yes.

If you already serviced it, it could be down to two major things : a software issue (not so probable here) or a hardware failure (critical one).

But your best guess is still TE support, I’m afraid…