OP1 draining battery from OPZ when connected directly?

I have limited experience with USB-C devices, especially the mode where one device can charge another, but it appears that when I connect my OP1 directly to my OPZ via USB, the OPZ provides power to charge the OP1 as part of it’s USB Host mode.

My OP1 is configured to NOT charge while playing (and I’ve toggled it to make sure), and yet when I hold the Help button, the battery indicator animates as charging, and the OPZ appears to drop battery percentage faster than expected (OPZ indicator shows below 40% after 1-2 hours use).

Anyone else notice similar behavior on this or different equipment?

If anything, the OP1 has the larger or more efficient battery and should be charging the OPZ, but technical realities what they are… would adding a powered USB hub solve this?

OP1 -> Mini to A cable -> A to C adaptor -> OPZ
with a direct 3.5mm audio cable from OPZ to OP1 input jack

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Hey, I’d love to know this too. Sorry, I don’t have the answer :joy:

There is an option on the OP-1 to not draw power.

“the OPT mode (option mode) disables USB charging of the OP-1, without having to pull the USB-cord. in COM mode, press the OPT key (T4) for getting to the OPT mode.
from there, turn blue encoder to toggle USB charging on/off. OPT mode is useful when in a setup with a ground loop making noise. regardless of this setting, your unit will still charge if powered off, or if it runs out of power, as long as it remains physically connected via USB.”

Has this been resolved with any solution? I have this issue and it’s so hampering on my longer sessions; it seems to die right when I really get rolling if ya know what I mean… so I just bought a separate battery from I fix it. Still I would like to understand why OP-Z battery gets drained so fast when plugged into OP-1

If you notice in this mans original post he notes that he checked to make sure the usb charge was toggled off… I get this same issue with the function you speak of under com section toggled off as well. I think this is a BUG

i have this issue too

I now have a inexpensive Anker usb-c hub that lets me host from the OP-Z, plug the OP-1 (and any controller), and charge off a usb-c battery, which is able to power everything attached (battery pack is necessary with the hub, OP-Z doesn’t provide enough power even for the KeyStep with this hub in the middle).

I previously mentioned a cheap model from a white label manufacturer off Amazon, but have tossed it because it’s just so terrible on the computer.

By chance, can you provide a link to the Anker hub? I’m hoping it’s cheaper than the pricey Kingston Nucleum?

Also interested. I have the Nucleum, but it rarely works, and gets really hot when it does.

EDIT: how do you charge via hub from a battery pack?

This is the one I got:

The specs to look for is a hub with a port marked PD and will usually have a power listed in the description (45W, etc).

PD is a standard language for USB C devices to request and deliver power, so an 80W laptop charger won’t blow up a 10W phone. (Although, watch out if you have a Nintendo Switch, it’s nonstandard!)

Simply, the hub has a USB C power-in-only port. Plug whatever PD supply you have and you’re portable or charging everything on the hub without a host.

I’m really encouraged by Anker’a quality over my two batteries and this hub.


And furthermore, I don’t understand what “upgraded” means in any practical sense, but $2 difference ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you!

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