OP1 External Mic - Specifically Zoom H4N Pro (and Radio!)

Hello all, I am a proud new owner of the OP1 and I’m absolutely LOVING it. However, I spent the best part of 2 hours the other day trying to find the magic combination of settings on the ZooM H4N to get it to function as an external mic for the OP1. I don’t know why I just can’t figure it out. I was hoping some friendly soul in the community would be kind enough to point me in the right direction?

Also, anyone else getting nothing from the radio? I even bought an antenna off eBay and still nothing… I live in the middle of a small city so I’m surprised it’s picking nothing up.

Thanks in advance. :+1:t2:

I haven’t done this, but a couple thoughts off of the bat:

  1. Are you trying over USB? I think the Zoom is class-compliant, but I don’t remember if the OP-1 has class-compliant input (or whatever the computer side) support or not.
  2. It ought to work through the audio in port. You might need to tinker with volume, both the audio gain to monitoring on the H4N as well as the microphone gain.

Take all of this with a grain of salt — I’ve spent very little time fiddling with audio input on the OP-1.

I’ve had mixed luck with the radio. It’s not terribly sensitive, for one thing, so be sure you’re tuning strong stations. Also, it uses one of the input jacks (I can’t remember if it’s the headphone or microphone, but the manual should say) as an antenna, so make sure you’ve got something long-ish plugged into that port, and feel free to wiggle it around and aim it in different directions.

Wish I could offer definite answers to either. Good luck!

Are you plugging the antenna into the red REC jack? I often put it in the wrong (headphones) jack by mistake.

Thanks for the replies!

Yes I am plugging into red. :smirk:

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On the zoom as an external mic, just tweak with the gain settings and all other pertinent settings in general.
Try to make sure you’re as familiar as possible with the zoom recorder itself there are multiple inputs and outputs on this thing I want one and it can be very easy to make the wrong decision and plug something into the wrong hole.

On the AOP one antenna front I would suggest getting a long antenna plug it into the mic input not the headphone jack and make sure you get a half decent quality one I myself purchased one off of Amazon and although it did help boost some signals receiving radio signals in general is determined by where you live and how strong is that signals are coming in so fiddle around a bit move the antenna move the Obi-Wan stand in the middle of the room stand 5 feet away stay and 5 feet away…
If you grew up In a time where a radio was more of a source of entertainment like in my generation can you understand the nuances involved in getting a proper signal lol good luck hope it all works out for you in the end

I can’t test this as I don’t have a mini-micro cable adapter to connect to my recorder, but I would assume this wouldn’t work and the OP-1 needs to be set as an in/out interface with a computer/iPad. Cool if I am wrong though.

I know USB audio should technically be better, but I really can’t hear a difference sampling in and out of the OP-1 with USB or 1/8 line in anyway.

My OP-1 picks stations clearly with no antenna attached and I am in the sticks. Works as well as my car radio. @Fraaaaaaaaaank, I know it’s like “Did you try turning it off and on?”, but are you sure you have your input levels up and input audio/sampling engaged?