OP1 field and M8 are great friends except midi out over usb doesn't work

I’ve been playing with OP1F connected to Dirtywave m8 over USBC and it’s just magnificent. Audio comes in perfectly, midi send from M8 is great, sync is great, you can print audio from M8 to tape with a single cable then jam over it and I am actually in heaven.

The only small problem is that the OP1F doesn’t seem to be able to send midi to the M8, only receive from it.

That’s well known and discussed on the M8 discord (where the dev is incredibly responsive) and apparently it’s something odd about the OP1F and how it handles midi in USB host (I believe this because I’ve always found M8 to work great with everything, and tho I love the OP1F I’ve often found it to be picky and odd…).

So I’m just posting this here (1) in case someone else hits the same problem (you are not alone…) and (2) in the hope that TE engineers are watching and would like to fix it, because apart from that these two devices are a match made in heaven, tiny, glorious complementary workflow, and I’d love to be able to drive the M8 synths with the OP1F keyboard and sequencers!