OP1 field android connect

Hello I’m having a problem sampling from my android phone to my op1 field. I’m just connecting them using the USB c connector. There doesn’t seem to be any sound getting to the op 1. Any help would be great thanks.

Same here mate. Audio out via USB doesn’t work on some Android phones

it works for me but after plugging and unplugging the usb c cable a couple times.

sometimes it works first time, but how i know is when it doesnt automatically register as “charging”. I think that might be the cause of the issue

I’ve emailed teenage engineering to ask them. The usb symbol has an orange thing in the middle bit but no sound is coming out.

What Android phone? What version?

I’ve found the whole USB-MTP-Disk Mode-Charging thing very variable from device to device. For example, the Microsoft Surface Duo just doesn’t play with USB drives as well (much to my frustration).

You should have a dropdown menu on your phone for choosing which device should take the lead (indicating a notification like “charging device”).
You should choose the op-1 to control usb management.

On a side note, I just got steinberg Cubasis on Android and I think there is no competitor for recording midi and sounds, even mixing with plugins !

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I really need to try Cubasis on Android. It looks very useful.

I’ve got the op1 in control but still the same. I don’t think people with iPhones have this problem do they? I might give cubasis a go. Is it worth the mo.ey do you think?

On android I tried every app I found and Cubasis is just basically trying to be the only android daw available for the next century. You can give the demo app a shot (no save).
It is definitely worse the money if you travel with op-1. (usb-c cable)
I play on my op-1 a sound, record midi with Cubasis, and then correct a few notes, play it back to op-1 while recording with cubasis, and you get infinite tracks, corrected.

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i have been in contact with TE and they have been able to replicate my problem so hopefully they will come up with something soon!